Handling & shipping labels and marks are an important component of any package. Using the right markings for packages helps to prevent improper handling, serious accidents, and customs fines.

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If the labelling and marking of a package is different to the details and information on the shipping documents, then the authorities may refuse to ship your goods, leading to time consuming and costly delays. This especially applies to air transport, for obvious reasons.

Marking on packages must be clear and precise. Its colour should stand out clearly from that of the package and care must be taken to ensure that marking is applied in a legible and durable manner.

Some modes of transport have strict requirements as to the size and design of specific handling & shipping labels and the exact requirements in the applicable modal regulations should be checked. Sometimes, there are strict requirements as to where the labels must be placed and how many sides of the package must be labelled. They must aso be placed where they aren’t covered or obscured by any part or attachment of the packaging or by any other labels or marks.

If handling marking is inadequate, those parties whose actions during transport, handling or storage of the cargo have caused damage may be excluded from liability.

Handling & Shipping marks such as ‘Fragile’ and ‘This Way Up’ (orientation arrows)¬†help to make sure that greater care is taken with cargo handling. It must be possible to tell whether the package is sensitive to heat or moisture, whether it is at risk of breakage, where the top and bottom are, where the center of gravity is located and where loading tackle may be slung.

Our label range includes various specialised marks, including:

  • Lithium Battery Handling labels
  • Cargo Aircraft Only labels
  • Excepted Quantities labels
  • IATA Time & Temperature Sensitive labels
  • IATA Magnetized Material labels
  • Orientation Arrows
  • Overpack labels
  • Elevated Temperature labels
  • Keep Away From Heat labels
  • Fragile labels
  • Live Animals labels
  • Fumigation signs

All of our labels are fully compliant with national and international legislation (ADR, RID, IATA, IMDG).

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