Hibsoft Prometheus is the perfect software solution for creating, managing and distributing GHS-compliant Safety Data Sheets for all major commercial markets. 

Translate with ease

If you provide your customers with a safety data sheet (SDS), REACH may require you to provide it in the language of the country of use. To translate such a document may be complex: the translator must have knowledge in chemistry and occupational hazards and the content of the SDS must also be adapted to regional regulatory specificities.

Prometheus enables you to create, and publish, multi-language SDSs in a matter of minutes, without in-depth regulatory expertise, and when the requirements change, you can revise and update your SDSs with ease.

Available languages

Once an SDS has been created in English it can be converted to any other available language at the click of a button. 

Prometheus comes with standard regulatory phrases in a wide range of languages so that you can generate the SDS’s in the languages of your choice:

English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, Turkish, Korean (South), Mandarin Chinese (Simplified), Mandarin Chinese (Traditional), Arabic, Malay, Czech, English (US), Slovak, Slovene.


As well as creating data sheets in different languages, Prometheus allows you to create and maintain data sheets that are unique for different territories. For example, you may wish to include, or exclude, certain data in a French SDS for France, but not for French-speaking Canada, or you may want to use different supplier addresses and logos for different subsidiaries.

If you don’t ship abroad you can simply purchase the English only version with the option of inserting additional languages at a later date.


Prometheus is simple, intuitive and flexible to configure and customise and purposely developed to automate the entire SDS process, reducing the time and cost of authoring and distributing in mulltiple languages.

  • User definable libraries allow rapid creation and translation 
  • Incorporate your own expressions
  • Publish in any language/combination of languages
  • Apply data that varies by country and not language such as regulatory or contact information
  • Can cover all major global compliance regulations and also accommodate for specific local legislation
  • Use independently, or integrate with Hibsoft Enterprise to solve all your hazardous chemical documentation and labelling needs – without dual entry of data.

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