Why print your own GHS labels?

Despite complex and continuously evolving regulatory requirements, it’s never been easier for companies to produce their own chemical labels – provided they have the right software, label substrates and printers.

Printing your own labels, in-house, can provide you with a far more convenient and flexible level of control over your label compliance processes, whilst being practical and cost-effective.

If there are any regulatory changes, your labels can be updated in-house and reprinted immediately without costly delays. Bespoke designs can be created in a matter of hours, and tailored specifically to your needs, reducing waste, streamlining production and enabling you to print just the right amount of high quality GHS compliant labels exactly when you need them.

How Can Hibiscus Help?

Hibiscus Plc have over 40 years experience in the field of chemical labelling. We are experts in providing the necessary software, substrates and colour printers specifically adapted to produce BS5609-compliant GHS-CLP labels.

Hibiscus has a dedicated team of experts with specific expertise in the chemical industry. We can work with you to develop the type of labels you need for the identification of your chemical products – from the selection of inks, toners, ribbons and label materials, all the way through to the final printing and finishing stages.

GHS Labelling Software


Label Enterprise is the perfect solution for creating and printing GHS (Global Harmonized System) compliant labels for all major commercial markets. It offers chemical manufacturers and distributors a convenient, automated and accurate tool for meeting global chemical labelling requirements, in multiple languages.

GHS labels have some very specific challenges and Label Enterprise software helps you  produce GHS compliant labels that are perfect for challenging conditions and tough work environments. With Enterprise you can simply print your artwork directly from your printer and stick to the relevant containers.

  • QUICK AND EASY TO USE:  The ‘What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get’ style interface allows you to create, design and edit labels with the minimum of training.
  • TEMPLATES:  Gives you complete control over the appearance of your labels by creating an unlimited number of label designs which are stored as templates.
  • SIMPLE & FLEXIBLE:  The template-based user interface reduces the complexity for end-users throughout the entire label production process.
  • CUSTOMISABLE DATABASE:  Stores its substance data in a customisable database that allows you to add your own additional fields. Alternatively, it can pull in additional information directly from an external database, or even a spreadsheet or other compatible software system.
  • INDUSTRY-STANDARD LABELLING ELEMENTS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS:  Enterprise can pull symbols, signal words, and hazard elements from a centralised database, ensuring that your labels contain essential, approved content.
  • GHS H&P PHRASES:  Includes a comprehensive list of all standard Hazard & Precautionary phrases in English.
  • MULTI-LANGUAGE:  Additional languages, including the official languages of the full list of EC member states, can be added individually or as a multi-language pack.
  • SUBSTANCES:  Enterprise can optionally be supplied pre-loaded with the latest full ADR and/or CLP lists of ready classified substances – at no extra cost! Alternatively the easy use to use Substance Editor program and customisable database allow you to quickly set up and maintain your own unique library of chemical substances.
  • NO OUTPUT OR USAGE RESTRICIOINS:  Designed to work with any standard Windows compatible printer.

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BS5609 Compliant Label Materials


Hibiscus produce a large selection of high quality bespoke, waterproof A4 laser sheet labels, perfect for chemical label printing.

Our whole range of specifically tested blank formats are ideally suited for printing extremely durable labels when used in conjunction with our BS5609 certified printers.

We can also provide blank and pre-printed sheet format labels at bespoke sizes to help you configure the perfect combination of media, inks and hardware to fit your particular needs.


hibiscus bs5609 compliant label printers


If you need an in-house printer for on-demand chemical label printing, that is easy to set-up and requires minimal training to use, then we have the perfect solutions.

Our printer range is specially calibrated to give the best possible performance in Hazardous Labelling applications and we also supply a wide range of toners, belts and image drums – all compatible with our BS5609-capable printer range.

We can provide the most appropriate colour label printer to suit your specific requirements, to enable you to print labels that are robust, waterproof and UV resistant. Print what you need – when you need it.




If you have any questions, or require any further information about labelling, just contact us for details.
Hibiscus Plc will be happy to guide you in the correct choice and usage of BS5609 printing materials to achieve appropriate results with our label products.


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