[zilla_column column=”one-half”] When it comes to labels for chemicals or any other hazardous goods, Hibiscus Plc offers you a one-stop shop for everything you need. Our on-site studio and printing facility means there’s no need for us to outsource your artwork or printing plates – everything will be produced to our own high standards.

Our in-house team of software developers and designers work closely with our sales team to make sure that everything we produce is top quality, fit for purpose and designed to work exactly as you need it to.

Our strong working relationships mean that we can grow to really understand you, your business and your products so that you can be assured that everything you receive from us will be perfect for the needs of your business. We often visit our customers premises to get a better understanding of their processes so that we can help them find the best and safest labels for their unique requirements.

Dangerous goods regulations can be a minefield and we pride ourselves on our expertise in the legislation of chemical labelling as well as the performance of our products in varying environments across the world.  Our unbeatable industry knowledge and experience enables us to ensure that our products are always in full compliance with the latest legislation.

We go to every length to make sure that not only the products you receive – whether it’s software themselves – but also the experience you have of working with us is of the highest quality.

In our industry, every business is unique and the labels they need can serve very different purposes. We understand your business and we understand labels – you can relax knowing that the bespoke solution we provide you with is the right one.[/zilla_column][zilla_column column=”one-half” last=”true”] hibiscus plc studiohibiscus plc softwarehibiscus plc printing[/zilla_column]