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On 27 November 2017, ECHA updated the list of substances for which a REACH Registration dossier compliance check will, in all likelihood, be conducted.

ECHA has added 149 new substances to the list of those that might be chosen for compliance checks. The substances are mostly selected together with related substances based on structural similarity, read-across or category information.

dossier Updates

The need for companies to maintain up-to-date information on the substances in their supply chains is an essential aspect of maintaining compliance with complex chemical regulations such as REACH.

Registrants may wish to review their registration dossiers and update them with any new and/or relevant information including, where applicable, an update of the Chemical Safety Report (CSR).

The substance list gives registrants the possibility for early dossier updates before the compliance check starts. However, the list is indicative and non-exhaustive: ECHA reserves the right to open further compliance checks on any dossier at any time and without prior notice to the registrants.

Registrants are advised to check the list and update their dossiers by 16 February 2018.


If you manufacture or import a substance into Europe in a quantity greater than 1 tonne/year then you are likely to need to register that substance under REACH and you must start working on your registration dossier as soon as possible.

ECHA maintains one of the world’s largest regulatory databases on chemicals. So far, over 17 000 of the most hazardous and most commonly used chemicals have been registered under the REACH Regulation. The last deadline for chemicals manufactured or imported in low volumes is on 31 May 2018. This deadline will complete the gathering of data on existing substances on the European market and is a key milestone towards closing the knowledge gap on existing chemicals.



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