It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Dorothy Killerby, on 2nd Oct, 2019.

Dorothy Killerby was one of the key founders of Hibiscus Plc and played an instrumental part, for over 3 decades, in the day to day running of the company, making a significant contribution to its success.

Hibiscus has been a family-run company for nearly 40 years and though Dorothy retired last year, she leaves behind a legacy which will affect the way we do things at Hibiscus, for a very long time to come.



Dot, as she was affectionately known, was the true driving force at Hibiscus Plc, working tirelessly behind the scenes to organise the running of the factory.  She had a genuine concern for her employees and personally dealt with all aspects of HR, as well as taking the time to show kindness and appreciation of staff by painstakingly arranging celebrations, such as 25 year anniversaries, and sponsoring the interests of employees and their children.    

We all spend so many hours each day, in close proximity of our co-workers and employers – they become our second family.  Such was Dorothy, a well-respected colleague to all at Hibiscus, and a good friend to many.

Her guidance, on a professional level, and her kind personality will be very sadly missed.

The funeral service is to be held on Tuesday 15th October, at 12:20pm, at York crematorium in Bishopthorpe.

Hibiscus will re-open Wednesday 16th October.