Imagine if someone could point their smart-phone, or tablet, at one of your labels and immediately see the related SDS on their mobile device?  With the new QR Code feature on our GHS labelling software, you can do just that.

GHS labelling software - label with QR Code

Label Enterprise

Label Enterprise is our ideal solution for producing high quality hazard warning labels. It fully supports GHS/CLP formats and is designed to work with any standard Windows compatible printer. Enterprise quickly and easily produces labels for carriage, supply, janitorial and many other functions, and when used in conjunction with our QR feature it will enable you to create a direct link from your hazard labels to your Safety Data Sheets.

What is a QR code?

A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be read by smartphones and tablets. The codes can link directly to text, websites, phone numbers, email addresses, social media and much more. QR Codes are different to standard vertical reading barcodes in that the data is stored in both directions which means that they can be scanned vertically OR horizontally. You can quickly and easily create your own QR codes with a free QR Code Generator.

GHS LABELLING & the benefits of QR codes

If your SDS’s are available online, then just by adding the appropriate web-link as a QR code on your label, your customers (or anyone else coming into contact with your labels) could immediately have access to many types of valuabe information that’s NOT printed on the label.

You could use QR codes for:

  • Emergency response instructions – who to contact and/or what to do in the event of spillage etc. (does not replace any statutory obligations to include this type of information directly on the label).
  • Product marketing – how and where to obtain your product.
  • Re-Ordering and/or ordering for companion products.
  • Information on classifications and chemical properties.
  • Directions for use (of your product).

All of this information, and other dynamic content, can be added to your labels through our QR Code module.

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