Hibiscus and Catriona CNW chemicals north west Awards winners

Hibiscus has won the new Chemicals North West award category for ‘Partnership 2023’ with their joint entry, alongside Catriona Dunn from the National Pathology Imaging Co-operative, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.  For over 5 years, we assisted their department to produce a slide label to help with the improvement of Quality Assurance in Digital Pathology.

Full details of this project, and its success, have been published in various medical journals across the globe ResearchGate.

Hibiscus is extremely proud of this achievement  and drawing on all our expertise in the labelling of chemicals, this partnership has allowed us to give something back to the NHS and helped create a major advance in global pathology processes.

Throughout our partnership we have been in awe at David Brettle’s  expertise and dedication to improvement in this field.

We would also particularly like to thank the hard work of Catriona Dunn, whose involvement has been paramount in bringing this partnership together.