The HL Pennant, or HL Pennants, are bright orange tapered flags that are used to indicate and identify heavy loads when they are being lifted by crane.

HL Pennant Heavy Lift Pennant image

If the load being lifted is seven tonnes or over, it is considered to be ‘HEAVY’ and needs to be identified as such with the orange flag.

The Heavy Lift Pennant should be attached to the fifth leg or as close to the master link assembly of the lifting set prior to lifting or shipping.

Stock-Xpress provide the HL Pennant on heavy-duty vinyl. HL is printed in black on both sides. They can either be applied temporarily by a self-adhesive strip or more permanently by cable ties (holes are pre-punched into the pennant).

HL Pennant Heavy Lift Pennant image


TO BUY the HL Pennant call us on 0113 203 1942 or visit Stock-Xpress to buy directly online.