hazardous waste

Business Associations in the chemicals supply chain have launched new guidance to assist companies in meeting waste packaging obligations.

The new 2017 guidance document “The assessment and classification of waste packaging” was developed by trade associations representing companies operating in the chemicals supply chain that use packaging.

Trade Associations involved in compiling the document include the British Association for Chemical Specialities, British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association, British Adhesives and Sealants Association, British Coatings Federation, British Plastics Federation, Chemical Business Association, Chemical Industries Association, International Fragrance Association, Industrial Packaging Association, Solvents Industry Association, and the UK Lubricants Association.

The Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and Scottish Environment Protection Agency have all welcomed the development of the guidance and have agreed to its adoption in England, Wales and Scotland.

New Guidelines

The document provides guidance on waste packaging and includes a flow chart designed to help companies assess whether packaging actually constitutes waste and whether it should be classified as hazardous or non-hazardous.

flow chart

The guidelines also include a method that allows for the weight of the packaging to be taken into account and is intended to be complementary to the joint environment agencies’ Technical Guidance WM3.  

Since the adoption of WM3, the joint agency technical guidance for the classification of waste, classified packaging that contained residues of hazardous substances as hazardous waste. However, under the new guidance rules, it is now possible to declassify empty but unclean waste packaging from being hazardous/special waste.

Download the new guidance here.


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