Introducing the OKI ES7412 full colour LED printer, the ideal solution for full colour hazardous chemical labelling – perfect for producing GHS compliant labels.

BS5609 compliant labels

When used in conjunction with original OKI toners and Hibiscus label materials, the OKI ES7412 has been fully tested to routinely produce labels compliant with BS5609 standards for durability. This makes it capable of meeting the stringent IMDG requirements for overseas shipment.

OKI ES7412 Specifications

With built in parallel and ethernet interfaces the unit can be driven directly from a single PC or connected to your network to be shared by several users, whilst the duplex unit, fitted as standard, makes the printer equally capable of producing high quality, double-sided business documents, leaflets and brochures.
The printer comes with a slide out main tray and folding multi-purpose tray fitted as standard, but for a relatively low cost, you can add up to two more slide out trays and – or a storage cabinet.
The front mounted, fold out, multi-purpose tray gives the OKI ES7412 the added ability to produce banner labels or documents, which break the normal size limitations of an A4 printer. Whilst your document is still limited to a maximum width equivalent to A4, the length can be greatly extended to anything up to a massive 1.2 metres.
The OKI ES7412 is extremely durable, making it the perfect choice for high volume environments. This is largely due to it’s innovative LED print technology.  Utilising four static full width print heads, in place of the moving head and revolving mirrors employed by a standard laser printer, minimises the number of moving parts.

Toner & maintenance

Separate toner cartridges for each primary colour – cyan, magenta, yellow and black – ensure the most efficient use of toner even when colours are not utilised evenly, whilst low cost black toner ensures economical printing where colour is not required.
Maintaining the ES7412 couldn’t be easier. The easy fit consumables are designed to be quickly and effortlessly changed with only the minimum training, and the LCD display panel on the front of the printer will even give you plenty of notice when consumables are nearing the end of their life.
The OKI ES7412 provides an end to end cost effective solution for BS5609 chemical labelling whilst giving superior performance and reliability.

With its superb print quality, exceptional media flexibility, superior energy efficiency and a genuinely low total cost of ownership, the ES7412 is a solid investment in the future of your business.

The hibiscus solution

Hibiscus Plc supply the best solutions on the market when it comes to printers for printing chemical labels and the consumables you will need to accompany them.

We can give you guidance about which printers and ribbons are the most appropriate for your business and we’re always on hand to set up your equipment and keep everything working the way you need it to.

Hibiscus Plc also manufacture blank and pre-printed laser sheet labels, capable of producing BS5609 compliant labels.

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