Tamper Evident Labels for Product Safety & Brand Protection

Do you need to protect your products or packaging from being tampered with? If so, a tamper-evident label, that cannot be removed without being damaged, or leaving traces, could be the perfect solution.

Tamper-evident labels are designed to clearly show, at all points in the supply chain, that a product has retained its integrity and has not been tampered with or contaminated.

If you need to protect documents, products or assets, our security labels might be just what you need.  They can also be used as asset / inventory labels.

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A Hibiscus Solution

Hibiscus provide tamper evident labels in a wide range of sizes and colours, made from tough PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) material, offering excellent durability and adhesion qualities.

When peeled, this label will display the message “VOID.” The adhesive separates from the backing to reveal a positive VOID on the item’s surface, while this message appears in reverse on the label itself. Once the custom void label has been peeled away, it may not be re-applied or re-sealed, indicating it has been tampered with. Unlike destructible vinyl, custom void sticker may be wrapped around a sharp edge such as a closure seal application.
These labels come in a number of different shapes, each in a variety of different sizes. They can be supplied on printed rolls or sheets, ready for hand or machine application. Available with a custom design, bespoke to your requirements, such as a logo, warning, QR code etc.

• Prevent tampering and efforts at removing
• Protect & mark items quickly and securely
• Protect physical items as well as data and intellectual property
• Available in a broad range of shapes and sizes
• Customised designs to suit your requirements
• High performance permanent adhesive
• Geat for thermal transfer printing with a resin ribbon


Commonly used in:

• Phamaceuticals
• Automotive
• Electronic component labelling
• Security seals
• Asset tracking identification
• Appliance & telecommunication manufacturing



VOID labels should be applied to a dry, smooth surface but can be bent around edges and corners to ensure that the desired area is covered. Due to the nature of the vinyl from which the labels are formed, they should last many, many years and withstand damp conditions ,without wear, so they can protect your equipment for a very long time and instantly reveal any tampering with the item.
Hibiscus tamperproof labels can be used where durability, moisture, temperature, and solvent resistant labelling is required. As bespoke label printers, we can make a label specifically for your needs, including text, graphics, barcodes, sequential numbering, or customized to your own unique data requirements to suit any application.

Be it medicine, food or cosmetics: When opening certain products people want to be sure they are using safe products that have not been tampered with. It is a particularly hot topic with the recent deadline for the pharmaceutical industry in the EU: From February 2019, over-the-counter drug packages must be tamper-evident. An anti-tampering feature on the outer packaging is one of the safety features required in accordance with the Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU – the European parliament’s attempt to fight counterfeit medicinal products.

If you are not sure if our tamper evident labels are right for you, or you want to try a sample, call us call us on 0113 242 4272 or email enquiries@hibiscus-plc.com