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For the last 30 years, our Hibsoft technical team has been developing and creating labelling software and SDS Management Software to solve our customers’ headaches. Our in-house team of programmers and developers work closely with our sales team to find out what our customers need, then develop a custom-made solution, exclusive to Hibiscus Plc. 

Our three major software packages are: Harmoneus, Prometheus and Enterprise.  Harmoneus is designed to advise on the international classification and labelling requirements for chemical products and recommends Safety Data Sheet contents to comply with several different legislations; Prometheus enables you to produce and manage your own Safety Data Sheets, which are needed whenever chemicals are supplied to be used in the workplace, and Label Enterprise is a one-stop shop for producing high-quality, hazard warning labels for carriage, supply, janitorial and many other functions.

Each software is designed to be used independently, as a stand-alone product, or integrated (optionally) with the other two pieces of software. Prometheus is able to interface directly with Label Enterprise to form an integrated solution to your labelling and safety data sheet requirements, without the need for dual entry data; once you’ve created your SDS, all the information you need for your labels can be quickly and easily accessed from your single database.

Our understanding of the industry and the surrounding legislation mean that our software is simple to use, compliant with regulations and produces the results you need.

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Label Enterprise

Labelling Software.  To label your products to comply with all international regulations. Label Enterprise is a one-stop shop solution for producing quality hazard warning labels. It is designed to work with any standard Windows™ compatible printer to produce labels for carriage, supply, janitorial and many other functions quickly and simply. More…[/zilla_column][zilla_column column=”one-third”]


SDS Management Software.  To create, maintain and distribute properly constructed Safety Data Sheets. Prometheus SDS Management Software helps you produce your own safety data sheets which are needed whenever you supply a customer with chemicals that will be used in the workplace. It’s our newest piece of software, designed to work either together with Label Enterprise or as a standalone piece of software. More…[/zilla_column][zilla_column column=”one-third” last=”true”]

Harmoneus 2

Chemical Classification Software.  To correctly classify your products to GHS/CLP, ADR, REACH standards. Harmoneus is designed to advise you on the international classification and labelling requirements for your chemical products and recommends safety data sheet contents to comply with several different legislations. More…[/zilla_column]


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