Registering to receive updates for your Software will ensure that you receive notification of any updates as and when they are made available via this website. If you do not register with us, you will still be entitled to updates to your software as per any existing support agreement, but you will need to check our download site regularly to see what updates are available. Registering, therefore, is the best way to keep your software up to date with the latest new functions and features.

NB: You may register as many users as you wish to be kept informed of updates, simply by returning to this page and adding new user details. After filling in the form, don’t forget to click [Send Message] to forward the information to us.

The infomation collected from this source will be used for the stated purpose only and will not be passed on to any other party.

Registry Form

    Please tick below each of the software products you wish to be upgraded:
    LabelStandard (our entry level labelling software)
    Label Professional (our label link to SDS Professional)
    Label Enterprise (our advanced labelling software)
    SDG (Shipping Dangerous Goods)
    SafeTEXT (Safety Data Sheets - Retired, no further updates)
    Prometheus (Safety Data Sheets)
    Harmoneus (Chemical classification)