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Teslin A3 Laser Sheet Labels: The Perfect Solution for GHS Compliance

Hibiscus proudly introduce our A3 laser sheet labels – crafted from high-grade Teslin material – tailored to meet the demands of the chemical industry, these labels stand out as the epitome of durability, compliance, and flexibility.

Our A3 Teslin Labels offer an expansive canvas, perfect for printing larger sized, detailed chemical labels that meet GHS standards. The A3 format allows for comprehensive inclusion of information, including multiple languages, transport details, warning diamonds, GHS pictograms and user instructions— all essential for labelling hazardous materials.

Available as either blank or pre-printed formats, this larger size offers greater versatility across a wide variety of uses and sizes of container, from small sample bottles to combination labels for drums and IBC containers.  Our A3 sheets are suitable for use with almost any A3 laser printer and seamlessly integrate with Hibiscus chemical labelling software to provide a perfect solution for producing durable, fully-compliant labels for demanding applications.


BS5609-Compliant, Waterproof and Chemical Resistant

Hibiscus A3 laser sheet Labels are perfect solutions for GHS Compliance, ensuring that your chemical products are labelled with the highest level of accuracy and adherence to international regulations.

Our A3 laser sheets are crafted from high-grade Teslin material, engineered to withstand harsh conditions.  Teslin offers resistance to water, heat, and a wide spectrum of chemicals. This material sets a new standard for longevity, ensuring labels that endure in demanding industrial environments.

Approved to BS5609 Part 2 and when printed using our BS5609-Compliant printers, labels can be produced that are unique, cost-effective and fully compliant with BS5609, Part 3.

A3 laser sheets laser sheet labels on press


Customised Options

Our A3 laser sheet labels labels can be customised to feature popular sized 2, 4, 8 and 16 to-view labels on a single sheet ,and any other format can be made from a bespoke cutter. This customisation enables our customers to print multiple labels efficiently, optimising material usage and streamlining their labelling process.

For problem-free label printing our A3 laser sheet labels are supplied with a clean-edge, achieved by removing 1mm of label material and adhesive from around the sheets, exposing the liner paper and reducing the risk of adhesive leaching for faster, uninterrupted printing.


Professional Label Printing Service

Hibiscus also provide a professional label printing service that caters for businesses of all sizes, producing personalised, fully compliant product labels for the supply and transportation of hazardous goods.

We are the only company in the UK to provide this in-house service, offering a wide range of bespoke labels in many types and sizes – all at a very cost-effective price. Our bespoke label printing service is convenient, quick and reliable and we can personalise your labels to include full colour logos, QR Codes and other corporate branding details.

If you’re looking to simplify your labelling requirements, eliminate the need for storing pre-printed label stock, and stay compliant with regulations, look no further – just leave it to us.


Hibiscus Plc is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of hazardous goods labels and we’ve been providing chemical labelling solutions for our customers for over 40 years.

Contact us today to see how our A3 Large Format Teslin Labels can improve your chemical labelling processes.




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