chemical label terms to avoid

The CLP regulation specifically defines the content of chemical labels and the organisation of the various label elements that ensure the safe use and supply of hazardous substances and mixtures.  When creating a hazard label there are many phrases and statements that must be included in order to be in compliance, however, there are also a few terms that you must avoid using.


Terms to avoid

You should never use terms or statements such as: ‘safe‘, ‘non-harmful‘, ‘non-toxic‘, ‘non-polluting‘, ‘ecological‘ or ‘eco‘ on the labels of substances or mixtures which have been classified as hazardous.

Any statements that suggest that the substance/mixture is not hazardous, or statements that are incompatible with the assigned classification, must not appear on the label or packaging of a classified substance or mixture


Trade/product names

Careful consideration should be given to the use of a trade or product name, or other designation of the mixture, if that name includes any of the prohibited terms, such as ‘eco‘.

Trade names should not be inconsistent with the requirements of a hazard label.


Biocide Labelling

The GB Biocidal Products Regulation also prohibits certain terms and wording on accompanying hazard labels (See Article 72).

Your label MUST NOT describe the biocidal product in any way which is misleading in relation to:

  • the risks to human health
  • the risks to animal health
  • the risks to the environment
  • its efficacy

Phrases that are considered to be misleading and MUST NOT be used include:

  • low-risk
  • non-toxic
  • harmless
  • natural
  • environmentally friendly
  • animal friendly
  • any similar terms

More information on this Regulation can be found at: HSE – Labelling Requirements for Biocidal Products


Reference should always be made to the relevant regulations to ensure compliance.

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